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Analysis on the problems existing in China's valve industry in 2014

作者:Gaopin    時間:2018-05-25 15:46:51    閱覽數:4425

At present, there are still some problems in China's valve industry. For example, China's valve enterprises are mainly low-level, small-scale and family workshop type enterprises. In terms of products, due to repeated investment and insufficient technology import, the leading products of China's valve enterprises are still low-quality mass products. It is understood that at present, all kinds of valves produced by enterprises in our country have some disadvantages, such as leakage, leakage, low appearance quality, short life, inflexible operation, and unreliability of valve electric device and pneumatic device. Some products are only equivalent to the international level in the early 80s of last century, some of the high temperature, high pressure and key equipment needed The valves are still dependent on imports.

The valve industry in China has a large gap with foreign enterprises in the industrial structure, industrial valve industry chain and the professional degree of the industry, which causes the low quality of domestic valve products because of the rapid expansion of the market, the original state-owned valve enterprises have shut down and turn. According to the survey of the large market of air conditioning and refrigeration, although a batch of township enterprises are developing rapidly, but because of the low starting point of the township enterprises, the technical strength is very weak and the equipment is simple, most of the products are imitated production, especially the problem of low pressure valves for water supply and drainage, but the above problems do not affect the broad valve industry of our country in the future. Prospects. This is mainly due to the support of the national policy and the strong demand of the valve product market. In particular, several projects such as the west east gas transmission, the west to east transmission, the south to North Water Transfer and other projects need a large number of valve products.

Statistics show that the total import and export of China's valve industry reached 24 billion 100 million US dollars in 2013, with a year-on-year increase of 28.2%. of 22 billion 400 million US dollars, the increase of 29.3%, the total import amount of 20 billion 134 million US dollars, the increase of 27%. with the world economy, the import and export of China's valve products also increased, but due to There is still a big gap between high-end technology and foreign manufacturers. In the next period of time, product technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's valve products.

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