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Environmental protection will become the focus of attention in 2014. Valve industry will also usher in new development opportunities.

作者:Gaopin    時間:2018-05-25 15:46:51    閱覽數:4197

Under a series of policy incentives, the energy saving and environmental protection industry in 2014 will usher in better development opportunities. In recent years, China's investment in environmental pollution control has continued to grow, but its proportion in GDP is still low, and it is expected to continue to increase capital investment in 2014.

In the last two years, our country has continuously issued relevant policies, especially in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (hereinafter referred to as "the decision") that the construction of ecological civilization is an important part of the general layout of the "five in one", and puts forward the development of environmental protection market, the implementation of energy saving, carbon emission, and exclusion. The system of pollution rights and water rights trading should establish a market-oriented mechanism to attract social capital into the ecological environment, and implement the third party governance of environmental pollution. A series of reforms proposed in the decision will make significant progress in the field of subdivision. In 2014, policy catalysis is still one of the key driving forces for the investment in the environmental valve industry.

Since 2005, the total amount of wastewater discharge in China has continued to increase. In 2012, the discharge amount was 684.60 million tons, up 3.85%, of which 462.7 million tons of domestic waste water were discharged, 8.13%, 67.59%, and 221.6 million tons, 4.02%, and 32.37%.

During the "12th Five-Year" period, China's demand for water pollution control funds will exceed 1 trillion yuan, and it is expected to achieve 1.2~1.3 trillion yuan revenue. In April 2012, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the plan for the construction of urban sewage treatment and reutilization and utilization of the whole country in 12th Five-Year, planning 159 thousand km of new sewage pipe network, 26 million 110 thousand cubic meters per day for new sewage treatment, 5 million 180 thousand tons / year of new sludge disposal and 26 million 750 thousand cubic meters per day for new sewage reclamation and utilization facilities. The investment of the above construction plan is 430 billion yuan.

In the 3 environmental protection action plans led by the Ministry of environmental protection, the action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution has been introduced, and the action plan for the prevention and control of water pollution is being prepared. The Secretary General of the National Chamber of Commerce and industry, Luo Jianhua, also said that the action plan for the prevention and control of water pollution will be invested in two trillion yuan.

The stainless steel valve industry will meet new development opportunities, including stainless steel ball valves and stainless steel gate valves, benefiting from the demand for water quality improvement, desalination, reclaimed water and water pollution prevention and control.

First, the sanitary standard for drinking water has been fully enforced in July 1, 2012. The new standard has raised the water quality monitoring index from 35 to 106. The implementation time of the new standard is 2015, that is to say, in 2014, our waterworks will transform the rare development opportunities in the future.

Secondly, in December 2012, China issued the "plan for the development of the seawater desalination industry" in 12th Five-Year. In 2015, the desalination capacity of our country reached 2 million 200 thousand cubic meters per day and the output value of the industry reached more than 30 billion yuan.

Atmospheric control, although China's sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other indicators have declined, but fog and haze weather continues to increase. In 2013, China's air pollution control efforts were unprecedented. In 2014, it will still be the peak period of denitrification construction, and the industrial chain of denitrification will benefit significantly. In the field of sewage treatment, it is expected that the policy of water treatment will be further added in 2014. The valve industry will also usher in new development opportunities in combination with the characteristics of the water treatment industry and the key points of policy.

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